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Parapluie Terminal

Start Taking Payments Today.

With Parapluie Terminal (Powered by Stripe), you can take credit cards anywhere you have a cell signal.

Simply download the app, login, and connect your reader to your iPhone. No monthly fees¹, no rental fees, and your PinPad belongs to you. Pay only 2.7%+$0.10 per transaction².


Curious? We’re glad to hear it.

Talk to one of our Customer Success team members using the Messages app on your iPhone or Mac to get enrolled in the beta program.

¹ Additional charges for Mobile Data, and other mobile network related services are not included in the price of the device. You are responsible for any charges incurred with your mobile carrier as the result of the use of this product.
²Fees reflected are based on regularly assessed transaction fees, consisting of a 2.7% + CAD $0.05 processing fee charged by Stripe, and a $0.05 application fee assessed by Parapluie Creative for using the service.
Your data is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

For Stripe Terms of service, click here. For full terms of service, and restrictions, click here.
This service is currently in a Private, invite only beta, and is not available to the general public at this time.
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