The Man Behind the
Weird VHS Tapes You Find at the Thrift Store

Posted April 21st, 2020

It's 2018.

You’re browsing around a thrift store’s VHS section for nostalgia’s sake and you come across an odd tape that catches your eye. Not too odd, though. A blank maxell cassette labelled “Skycorp 1990”. “It’s only a dollar” you say to yourself as you throw it in the cart, along with the classics. Something to shake up the normal rotation of “Lion King”, “Finding Nemo”, and “Toy Story”.  You get home and pop it in your old VHS player, expecting some home videos, or maybe a bootlegged movie that was poorly titled.

You’re greeted by a man by the name of Paul Perkenstein, to the Wide World of Web.

This is the work of Richard Rogers

A man who’s work is so convincingly produced, it’s legitimately hard to believe it didn’t come right out of the 90s, and motion graphics that replicate the work of the time beautifully, with an added tinge of “just offensive enough”.

He approached us to help him with a project. The Wide World of Web. He needed to create a convincing Windows desktop for the project, with interactions genuinely appearing as if they came off an old desktop. We did exactly that. We fired up the old archive pc, booted up Windows 95, and went to town on creating 1-to-1 AOL Instant messenger interaction. We decided that the best way to achieve authenticity, is to just use the original platforms.

As a result, we now maintain an AIM server, dedicated for emulating interactions on that platform. Our desktop graphics not only appear authentic, they are authentic.

Rogers' also does pretty motion graphics.

Check out Skycorp(R) Home Video Here