We’ve given our logo a little bit of a facelift. After looking at our old brand identity, it was clear our logo needed some serious help. It had bad kerning, looked like a mid 2000s IT company, and felt straight up bad. It also didn’t really embody what we’ve taken up as a business. Our team provides work well beyond that of just creative work these days, with our work in software development, and our new expansion to the payments market, it’s safe to say Parapluie isn’t just a creative agency anymore.

We’ve employed much more accurate color matching, using PANTONE® 1655C – Parapluie Orange™ to allow for more universal colors across all platforms, whether it be desktop, mobile, or print. The logo also makes use of the Omnes Pro typeface, designed by Darden Studio, offering a much cleaner typeface for print than before.

We’ve also dropped our logo to just feature the Parapluie Umbrella, to keep things as simple as possible. We feel that the Parapluie Umbrella will much better embody our goal of a much more simple brand identity. 

We've also got more big news.

In association with Stripe, we’re soon rolling out the brand new BBPOS WisePad 3 mobile credit card terminal. This new portable terminal allows for easy Chip & Pin or Contactless transactions anywhere, starting at just 2.7%+$0.05, or $0.15 for Interac Debit. No hardline power connection, or ethernet connection needed*. Just download the pTerm App (Coming Soon) on your iOS device, and start taking payments tomorrow.¹ The program will begin as an invite only product before eventually rolling out as a widely available product to all clients.² Interested on getting on the waitlist? Give us a call at +1 (778) 819-8627

*Application requires an active Mobile Data Package. Standard mobile data rates may apply, separately to the use of this product. 
¹Some restrictions apply, not open to businesses on the MasterCard MATCH list, or other businesses deemed high risk, or otherwise restricted by Stripe. 
²Product only available in Canada, however, an alternative unit is available in the United States. Call for details.

Your processing relationship is between You and Stripe. Stripe is the processor for all transactions. Parapluie/pTerm serves as the platform where transactions are made. Certain fees may apply in addition to the base rate, such as in the event of a chargeback. For more details, call us at +1 (778) 819-8627.

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