We at Parapluie believe in making user experiences easier, better, and faster. Remembering accounts for different platforms from one company is a hassle. That’s why today, we’re rolling out Parapluie Connect to all customer websites in coming weeks.

Parapluie Connect, at it’s core, is powered by Microsoft Azure. Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AD platform, we’re able to provide better service to our clients by creating a unified management platform. Clients will receive access to Parapluie Connect on a rolling basis, with clients requiring urgent access to their sites gaining access first.

Your information will only be shared with Microsoft for the purposes of Account Verification. Microsoft does not have access to your account data, and will not contact you for marketing purposes.

If you need any assistance using Parapluie Connect, you can give us a call at +1 778-819-8627, or by email at helpme@parapluiecreative.ca.

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