It started with an unsuspecting pop up box.
“Take a 5 minute survey and get a $5 Amazon.Com Gift Card”. It sounded interesting enough, especially coming from a website like Sabre.
That 5 minute survey turned into a relationship.

The issue? Sabre’s Dev Center page is suffering.

It’s difficult to navigate, and the important information is buried under confusing text boxes and windows.

After a call with a UX Researcher at Sabre, progress was made. Using a platform called treejack, both our team and theirs discussed the layout of their current menu tree. What we’ve described as “the most confusing thing ever used”. Information does not flow easily with it. After about an hour and a half, and potentially much more time to be shared, we’ve successfully drilled down on core issues, and have created a stronger relationship to share ideas freely on the Dev Studio portal.


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